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Stay Active This Summer

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

It’s summer. The days are nicer more often than not, they’re definitely warmer, not to mention longer, and the same outdoor spaces you flinched from in dark midwinter now compel you to get your trainers on and get outside. When you think back to childhood, it’s always the heat-laden summers you remember the most – in vivid Technicolor. Like the rings in a trees’s growth, that store of memories is added to each year. So what better season to think about getting active and fitter? In case you’re stuck for ideas, here are some simple suggestions for you and all the family to get outside, get your hearts going and forge bright new memories:

Running. It’s something you can do any time, anywhere. Though, obviously, mornings and evenings will be cooler. Go on, put those smart new trainers through their paces. Feel your heart pumping? Trust us, it’s doing you good. Now ride the crest of that wave of endorphins. Just remember to keep yourself hydrated.

Swimming. Why not exercise and keep cool at the same time? At this time of year, what could be better? And the kids will love it. Find your local approved pool and make your summer go with a splash.

Cycling. Again, this is something the whole family can do. Set a destination or just explore. You’ll be getting places and getting fitter at the same time. You can even make a day of it.

Not up to all this vigorous exercise? Even walking is good for you. Go and explore your local area on foot, spot all the things you wouldn’t normally notice stuck in a car or a bus, or be adventurous and visit somewhere new. You’re sure to come back feeling refreshed. Maybe even abandon the daily commute and try walking to work instead, if it’s feasible and not too far. You’ll be saving money and getting healthier at the same time. You see? Win-win.

Summer definitely has all too short a lease in this country. So make the most of these long hot days to forge dazzling new memories by getting active. We guarantee you won’t just feel the benefits physically but mentally as well.

Writted by Mark Kirkbride

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