Alongside our community partners, we have created the largest support network for Great British athletes in the UK. We wanted to tackle a lack of funding for athletes in Olympic sports.


Our #GivingBack Cycle provides athletes with access to funding and a number of support services to help them on their journey to success. We do this through organising inspirational appearances in schools, businesses and community centres. 


This programme will ultimately help athletes through their intense training sessions, leading them onto winning medals at big competitions.


The #GivingBack Cycle is broken into 3 sections.



1. Community - In order to generate funding for Great British athletes, inspirational events are organised for schools, businesses and communities. These are athlete-led, with a focus on motivating school students and corporate teams. Schools, in turn, are provided with sports equipment, whilst businesses see a boost in productivity.  

2. Athlete Support - The community events create funding for athletes, who are then able to pay for key services such as - physiotherapy, nutritional advice, training and travel costs. Athletes are then able to reach their full potential and qualify for major tournaments. 

3. Competitions - Athletes are now in prime condition to compete in major tournaments and hopefully win medals for Great Britain. This inspires the community and the cycle is completed by #GivingBack to the nation. Some of the competitions our athletes compete at are:

  • Olympic Games

  • Commonwealth Games

  • European Games

  • World Championships

  • Diamond League


The #GivingBack Cycle provides athletes with between £3,000 – £20,000 of funding per year!

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Our mission is to inspire the nation by supporting Great British athletes. We want to encourage every generation into adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. We do this by installing a champion's mindset of determination and positivity.

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