Inspired Through Sport present the largest support network of Great British athletes in the UK. We aim to help as many athletes as possible towards their expensive training, travel, and nutrition costs to continue to win GOLD medals for Great Britain. We also aim to inspire the nation to get active, lead healthier lifestyles and adopt a Champion's mindset!


We give organisations the chance to be a part of Britain's sporting success and inspire their workforce! Our events are tailored to your needs, helping you to acheive your CSR goals (through funded school visits), and encourage corporate wellbeing. Our diverse range of talented athletes will provide you with an opportunity to craft a presentation that appeals to your workforce.

What Will You Get? - Wellbeing

A Healthier Workforce

Our experience equips your workforce with knowledge of how to live a healthier and more active lifestyle

Improved Mental Health

Our sessions educate participants on how sport can help with your mental well-being and encourage them to get active.

Fund Athlete Visits To Local Schools

After our athlete has inspired your organisation, we will visit up to 5 local schools, which you can select, to promote your company alongside our inspirational event. This will help you fulfil your corporate CSR goals.

Growth Mindset

Your workforce will be taught how to develop a resilient and determined mindset.

Create A High-Energy Performance Mentality

We impart knowledge of how a high-performance sports team ensures they perform, and how to translate that into the workplace

Team Building

Through our sessions, we improve team dynamics and work ethic

Positive PR and CSR Fulfilment

Through our events, your organisation can gain positive publicity and hit its corporate social responsibility goals as you are not only helping to support Britain’s sporting heroes but also funding athlete visits into schools to help inspire the next generation of elite athletes!

An Unforgettable Experience

The athlete visits are a once in a lifetime opportunity which will leave your employees feeling inspired and motivated

Jennie Hennessey of Willmott Dixon

“The athlete was very relatable for our managers, they all took something away from the speech which was pitched perfectly.”

What Will You Fund? - CSR, #GivingBack

Your package pays for the athlete’s corporate wellbeing presentation but also provides the #GivingBack cycle with crucial funding in the following ways:

School Visits:

Your selected package will fund local school visits from an inspiring athlete. This will inspire the next generation of Great British athletes whilst helping you fulfil your corporate CSR goals. You will also generate positive PR, and have significant social impact in your community.

Athlete Services:

Your selected package will also fund crucial athlete services such as physiotherapy, coaching, nutritional information and competition travel costs. It will be added to the #GivingBack Cycle fund, which supports over 450 Great British athletes. Your vital support helps our athletes on their road to Tokyo 2020, and onto the podium!

“The event was very impactful, we were definitely
inspired. I believe the event will have a lasting
effect as the athlete's information during
her presentation has left a lasting impression on us.”
Inspired Through Sport

Our mission is to inspire the nation by supporting Great British athletes. We want to encourage every generation into adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. We do this by installing a champion's mindset of determination and positivity.

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