Inspired Through Sport are a social enterprise and present the largest support network of Great British athletes in the UK. With your help, our athletes have competed at the biggest events and won medals. We have also helped provide hundreds of schools with new sports equipment, whilst motivating thousands of students.  


We fund our #GIVINGBACK athlete support cycle through paid or sponsored visits from GB athletes to educational institutions and businesses. You are the engine that drives us to success, without your help our athletes wouldn't get the vital support provided by Inspired Through Sport. 


The #GIVINGBACK athlete support cycle provides over 400 GB athletes with funding, as well as access to a number of services that aid them on their journey to success. You can help us get to Tokyo 2020 through our various support models.


Although athletes work and train hard, many rely solely on sponsorship from charities and family support in order to reach their dreams and represent their country. Whilst very high profile athletes will often be sponsored by large companies such as Nike and Adidas, many others struggle to raise enough funds to continue in their sport. We aim to help these athletes by supplying them with access to support services, such as physiotherapy and nutritional advice, that aid them in achieving their goals and bring home medals for the nation.



Our programme not only benefits the athletes we support, but it also benefits those that take part. We aim to inspire and motivate those that participate in our sessions into adopting a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as a healthy mindset as we teach them how to be resilient in any situation and not to give up on those goals they wish to reach!



As well as feeling inspired to get into sport, our events give schools the opportunity to purchase new PE equipment (including items such as table tennis tables and running tracks) as up to 40% of funds raised from our visits will be fed back into the schools!



Not only are organisations able to support Britain’s brightest athletes, but through our different event packages, businesses are given the opportunity to fund up to 5 athlete visits to local schools, which can help organisations fulfill their corporate social responsibility and support their community.

Inspired Through Sport

Our mission is to inspire the nation by supporting Great British athletes. We want to encourage every generation into adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. We do this by installing a champion's mindset of determination and positivity.


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